H2S Shelters

Uniteam H2S Shelters: Advanced Protection Against High Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)

In petrochemical plants, oil & gas production, and wastewater treatment facilities, the risk of gas exposure accidents is a major concern. Among the most dangerous gases is hydrogen sulphide (H2S), presenting significant challenges for protection. Uniteam’s Gas Safe Shelters are designed to handle H2S concentrations exceeding 25,000 ppm, providing a critical solution for ensuring personnel safety.

When faced with a major release of H2S and CH4, they offer a secure refuge for personnel, allowing them to wait for rescue for a minimum of 2 hours. Equipped with an operating room, engineers can effectively manage emergencies while wearing personal respirators and halting emissions outdoors.

In extreme scenarios with exceptionally high levels of H2S and highly explosive hydrocarbon gases, relying solely on air intake filters is insufficient. Uniteam’s H2S Shelters are designed with an automatic closure of air intake and a recirculation mode for the HVAC system. This ensures that air passes through CO2 filters in addition to H2S filters, providing comprehensive protection.

Moreover, to maintain overpressure within the shelter, an air supply is available from a stored air bottle bank. This ensures a constant flow of fresh air, enhancing safety measures. Uniteam Shelters go beyond H2S protection, offering defense against nuclear contaminants, biological agents, and chemical agents (NBC protection).

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