Concept development

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop, design, and deliver a wide range of purpose-built modular and mobile systems.

Our solutions are first of all developed to protect people and equipment against a given environment. This is done by making a protective enclosure that protects and maintains any required internal conditions.

When developing new concepts, we map our client’s needs and potential gains of transforming a stationary system into a modular and mobile solution. As a result, our customers achieve significant cost reductions by having a more flexible solution that lowers risk. This is possible since the system can easily be moved around at short notice and lower cost. Also, idle costs are much lower as the system can be demobilized and stored at a given site at a significantly lower rate than more traditional stationary systems in standby.


  • Modular seismic systems
  • Modular drilling systems
  • Modular camps
  • Complete workshops
  • Larger temporary storages
  • Micro factories
  • Micro homes
  • Urban housing
  • Generator Containers
  • Compressor containers
  • Mobile control room
  • Emergency shelters

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