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Military, Medical, Subsea and Seismic are other working areas where Uniteam over years has developed know how and competences with regard to potential containerization of your equipent or personnel. Contact us to start a dialog of how to meet your current demands.


Uniteam Poland has a great pleasure to continue its cooperation with one of the biggest and most recognizable subsea engineering and applied technology companies in the world – Oceaneering. Based on the design and guidelines received from Oceaneering, Uniteam manufactures and deliveres a wide range of products for subsea services. Subsea equipment delivered by Uniteam is built to operate in all major offshore development areas worldwide.

In addition to the responsibility for the implementation of the project and production, Uniteam is able to provide design services, support during DNV certification and quality inspection during the entire process.

20ft ISO Custom Containerized air filter is suitable for air treatment applications

Uniteam Onshore Accommodation container provides a comfortable area for living and working. The solutions combine the durability and mobility of shipping container construction with quality internal accommodation design. We deliver innovative modules with a high standard and sophisticated Eco technology.

Uniteam Onshore Control Container are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with ISO1496 as well as CSC safety for transport. The container separated with AC room and control room, AC room also have workbench for people repair something, Control room insulated with B15 panels. Side wall and end wall with windows and long workbench, Inside have good ventilation and air condition make people have a nice working environment.

Uniteam offers stainless steel Clean Water Rack Container -tank container for transport and distribution of drinking water. The container is suitable for military and civil market, as well as for humanitarian missions.

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