Blast Buildings

Uniteam Blast Buildings: Utmost Safety and Protection in Hazardous Environments

Uniteam’s blast buildings excel in ensuring the safety of your site personnel. Engineered to withstand blasts of up to 0.8 bar, these structures effectively minimize impact and protect individuals and equipment within. They also provide an extra layer of safety with H-120 fire protection.

Our team of experts actively collaborates with you to understand your unique needs and specifications. We take pride in delivering custom solutions that precisely align with your operational requirements, optimizing safety and functionality in every aspect of the blast building.

Rest assured, Uniteam’s blast buildings shield your personnel from the dangers of H2S exposure and potential blast incidents, offering unparalleled peace of mind. If you’re ready to take the proactive step towards maximizing safety, contact us today to explore how we can help safeguard your operations.

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