30 Men SIP / H2S Protection Shelter


Uniteam’s 30-Men SIP  is a customized solution, built for easy transport and relocation.

The SIP consists of 4 sets of containers with an A-60 fire rating. It’s divided into a Muster Room, Airlock, Equipment Room, and Bottle Bank Room. Notably, the solution has a positive pressure system with pressure 50~75pa in the Muster- and Equipment Room and  25~50pa in the Airlock.  This meticulously crafted design meets the stringent safety standards essential for hazardous workplaces, ensuring the safety of your personnel!


The sealing between the containers is solved by Uniteam-patented GSSP gaskets which ensure quick deployment of SIP on-site with minimal downtime to the ongoing production. Moreover, all equipment is IECEX certified and can be used in  Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas. Furthermore, the solution incorporates a PLC control system, F&G system, HVAC system, PRP system, and UPS (Solar power and inverter) system.


The SIP consists of  2x40ft High Cube Container, 1x20ft Bottle Bank Container, and 1x10ft Airlock Container:

Muster Room: One 40ft container. Features a long bench capable of seating 30 men. Beneath the bench, specially designed storage accommodates 30 sets of breathing masks and portable gas detectors for emergency use. With fresh air ducts arranged on the ceiling for internal room ventilation. Additionally, a workstation and monitoring system enable remote control of the H2S Shelter from Onshore.

Airlock: One 10ft container. Internal and external doors equipped with EX electromagnetic locks to control the interlock system, indicated by the status lights. Balancing dampers on the Airlock air inlet and outlet facilitate adjustment of internal room pressure. Moreover, there’s an external recess wall that has an EX mimic panel, providing personnel with real-time updates on the system’s running status.

Equipment Room: One 40ft container. Internal room installed with  PLC system, Power Distribution Panel, Air Handing Unit (AHU), Pressure Reduction Panel (PRP), and Inverter system. Equipped with double doors for convenient entrance and easy access during maintenance.

Bottle Bank Room: One 20ft container. Serves as storage for two groups of compressed air cylinders and EX compressor. Manifolds connect the cylinders. The compressor, designed to deliver 51m³ per hour of fresh air to the bottle bank, features advanced filtration to guarantee the safety and reliability of breathing air. Moreover, the compressor can be remotely started.

Explore the detailed specifications in our product brochure.

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