Mobile 10-40 Men Temporary SIP / H2S Protection


Uniteam’s Mobile 10-40 Men Temporary SIP is an ideal solution for protection from hazardous gas concentrations (e.g. H2S) in various settings. Designed for easy transport and relocation, the SIP is built using two standard ISO containers: a 40-foot container for the air-lock and refugee room (Muster area), and a 10-foot container for the technical components –  including HVAC, filter system, and F&G Control Cabinet.

The SIP is based on an H2S filter/scrubber that provides overpressure protection for employees for over two hours. Even at gas concentrations of up to 60,000 ppm. Moreover, the system is easy to set up and requires only power to be added to the unit. The mobile SIP is also highly customizable, allowing for additional features and equipment to be added as needed.

Altogether, with its portability, ease of setup, and customizable features, the temporary SIP is a reliable and cost-effective investment for any project requiring temporary protection.

More specifications are in the product brochure.

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