30 Men Central Control Room (CCR) / H2S Protection Shelter


The complete package of H2S Shelter in Place (SIP) and HVAC equipment will be delivered and installed in a modular building at the Gas Plant. It will be used as the CCR with engineer’s stations during normal operation and as a safety place for plant personnel during emergency mode operation for up to 30 people for 2 hours.

This SIP consists of 181*0.05m3 high-pressure cylinders and the system pressure is 30Mpa. A system compressor will fill the high-pressure cylinders when the quality of the external air is normal.

When the gas protection function is enabled, the high-pressure air would be depressed by depressurizing system and then fresh air would be supplied to the main room. A micro-positive pressure of 50pa would be kept in the main room and 25pa in the air-lock area. Due to the internal pressure in the SIP is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, the internal air will vent through the check valve and the hazardous gas will be blocked outside.

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