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Legal Notices

Electronic Business Regulations, Federal Data Protection Act, Telecommunication Services Protection Act, Telecommunication Services Act, Media Services State Treaty.


Uniteam is the editor responsible for the content of the website.

We review and update information on the website on a regular basis. Despite this, we can neither assume any liability nor guarantee relevance to any present situation nor the accuracy of the contained information. Thus, the information presented on the pages does not replace our advice. The right of spontaneous changes, also on the part of third parties (suppliers, manufacturers), without the necessity of being published on our website, is explicitly reserved. All orders are without exception subject to General Business Terms.

Overall, the content is subject to change without notice.

Data Privacy Protection

Our website may use cookies to monitor browsing preferences. If you allow cookies to be used, your personal information may be stored and used for our business purposes. E-mails and content information received, also of private nature, will be saved in their form for the purpose of processing inquiries or newsletter distribution. However, data will not be made available to third parties.

External Links

There may contain external links to websites of third parties. They provide redirection possibilities to the relevant company or institution. Uniteam is not responsible for the content on those sites. This declaration applies explicitly to all links, including their further redirection.


All information, data, illustrations, photos, and texts contained on our website are subject to copyright. In relation to that, their use for commercial purposes is prohibited without written consent. This also applies explicitly to further electronic processing, even in any modified form, translation, or storage and processing within electronic systems. The right of publication for arbitrary use can be agreed upon in writing.

Reproduction/referencing of marks and names, trade names, descriptions of goods, etc., even without special identification, within this online presence does not justify any assumption that such names may be considered free within the meaning of trademark protection legislature and therefore available at anybody’s disposal. They serve the company’s designation, product presentation, or description of product and/or manufacturer. Furthermore, this also applies explicitly to personal data and personal pictures published on the website.

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