270 Men SIP / H2S Protection Shelter


Uniteam China’s 270-men SIP is a highly specialized and customized solution designed for easy transport and relocation. The SIP consists of 10×40′ standard ISO containers that are A-60 fire and blast protected at 200mbar/100msec. Additionally, the containers are sealed together using Uniteam’s patented GSSP gaskets, allowing for fast deployment of the SIP on-site with minimal disruption to ongoing production. Moreover, it is equipped with an H2S filter system that ensures employee safety by providing overpressure protection for more than 2 hours during an emergency. The F&G system and MIMIC panel work together to provide accurate and informative warnings in case of any danger.

Overall,  one 40ft container is used as an equipment room and contains two H2S filters, AHU, UPS, F&G, power, and control cabinets. The additional nine 40ft containers are used as muster areas, totaling approximately 210 square meters in size. The SIP also includes two airlocks, one located at each end of the system (approx. 210 Sqm).  Besides, the Uniteam 270-men SIP only requires a power supply from the site to become fully operational.


  • 10×40′ standard ISO containers (9x 40’ ISO High Cube Muster Area and Air-Locks, 1×40’ ISO Equipment Room)
  • Blast protected: 200 mbar / 100msec
  • Operational Temperature: +43 Summer to -20 degrees C Winter


  • H2S Filter System
  • HVAC System with monitoring and shutdown
  • Overpressure: Min 50Pa in Muster area/Tech room/ – min 25Pa in Air-Locks

More specifications are in the product brochure.

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