As part of Algeco Nordic and owned by Modulaire Group, Uniteam publishes its global sustainability report. The report goes into detail about how the global enterprise has put sustainability in focus for strategy and decision-making.

“I am convinced that by taking positive actions and promoting the sustainability strategy, we want to achieve change on a large scale for the benefit of our stakeholders,” Says Mark Higson, CEO of Modulaire Group.

Modulaire Group is a leading provider of modular services and products, which offers cost-effective, high-quality, and up-to-date solutions that help customers in a variety of end markets. But the company also invests heavily in the environment. In the latest report, the entire group’s ESG strategy (environment, social, and governance) is discussed, as well as key figures to measure progress.

Altogether, the report contains a detailed action plan until the year 2028. This includes energy, water, and waste reduction. It also appears that the group must achieve a net zero footprint before the year 2050.

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