50 Men SIP / H2S Protection Shelter


The Uniteam 50-men SIP is a customized solution built for easy transport and relocation, consisting of 5 standard ISO containers (3x40ft and 2x20ft). The SIP is GOST-K and SIL-2 certified, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety standards for hazardous work environments.


The SIP is equipped with a Breathing Air system, which has SIL-2 operation and manual override provided by EUREKA. This system provides overpressure protection for employees for more than 2 hours during an emergency. Moreover, the Autronica F&G system, which has SIL-2 approval, ensures that any warnings provided are informative and accurate. Additionally, the sealing between the containers is solved by Uniteam-patented GSSP gaskets, ensuring that the SIP can be quickly deployed at the site with minimal downtime to the ongoing production. Also, the fire rating of the SIP is A-60, making it highly resistant to fire.


The 3x40ft containers of the SIP are used as a Muster Area (approx. 80 Sqm), providing ample space for employees. One 20ft container contains the Breathing Air Bottle Bank, compressor, and PRP cabinet, while the air-lock and technical control room (including F&G Control Cabinet, Electrical Distribution board, and UPS) are located in the other 20ft container. The only thing required to make the SIP operational is to add power to the unit through the readymade gas-safe MCT-Gaskets.

More specifications are in the product brochure.

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