250 Men SIP / H2S Protection Shelter


The Uniteam 250-men SIP is the perfect customized solution for those in need of a flexible, portable solution. With its 11 standard ISO containers size (10×40’ and 1×10’), the SIP can be easily relocated and transported to your desired location with minimum downtime to ongoing production.


  • 11 standard ISO containers size (10×40’ ISO High Cube Muster Area, 1×10’ ISO Container AirStack and inlet)
  • Sealing between the containers: solved by Uniteam-patented GSSP gaskets, which give quick deployment of SIP at the site.
  • Overpressure: 50 Pa in Muster area / Tech room and 25 Pa in AirLock
  • Operational Temperature: +45 Summer to -36 degrees C Winter



For added safety, it is possible to incorporate a breathable air bottle bank provided by EUREKA. This overpressure system protects employees for more than 2 hours in case of an emergency. Additionally, the F&G control by AUTRONICA ensures that warnings are informative and correct, using a SIL-2 Control System.

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