Water Rack


Uniteam’s stainless steel Clean Water Rack Container is a versatile and efficient tank container type 1C, with a nominal capacity of 10500 L. It is designed for use in military and civil markets, as well as for humanitarian missions. The tank container is capable of cooling and maintaining water at a temperature range of +13 to +15C, as well as heating water and pipe systems to +4 to +8C. Additionally, the container features a system for mixing water in interior circulation, and a special solution dosage to prevent the development of bacteria.

Main functions:

  • Cooling water and maintaining at the temperature +13 – +15C
  • Heating water and pipe system at the temperature +4 – +8C
  • Mixing of water in interior circulation
  • Preventing the development of bacteria by dosage of special solution

General specification:

  • Tank container type: 1C
  • Capacity: 10500 L nominal
  • Number of compartments: 1 (2 baffles)
  • Tare weight: 4 500 kg
  • MGW: 16 500 kg
  • Maximum working pressure: 110 kPa
  • Hydraulic test pressure: 400 kPa
  • ADR calculation pressure: 400 kPa
  • Vacuum pressure: 40 kPa
  • Design temperature: -32° C to +60° C
  • Design code approval: PRS/ADR/RID/MDG/UIC/CSC/ISO

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