Onshore Control Container


Uniteam Onshore Control Container is designed, manufactured, and certified in accordance with ISO1496 and CSC safety standards for transportation. It is partitioned into an AC room and a control room, each with its own unique features. Thus, the AC room is equipped with a workbench that can be used for repairs, while the control room is insulated with B15 panels. In addition, the sidewalls and end walls are fitted with windows and a long workbench, ensuring a comfortable and spacious workspace. Moreover, the container boasts excellent ventilation and air conditioning, providing a comfortable and conducive working environment for personnel.

General specification:

  • Container for people working inside
  • Control room insulated with B15 panels
  • Includes air conditioner and ventilation
  • Comes equipped with furniture


The container has been manufactured in accordance with industry standards, so you can trust in its durability and structural integrity to safely transport and store your goods. Thus, it follows:

  • ISO 1496 standard
  • CSC

Looking for other sizes and requirements?
At Uniteam we specialize in tailor-made containers and are dedicated to fulfilling your specific needs to the best of our abilities – so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you have other requirements than the abovementioned.

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