3D VR TOUR of 40 Men Blast Proof SIP

Uniteam 40-men SIP is SIL-2 certified system and is a customized solution built for easy transportation and relocation. It is built by 2 sets of 51 ft containers size consisted, fire rating A-60 and blast protected 690 mbar/20 msec. The sealing between the containers is solved by Uniteam patented GSSP gaskets which gives fast deployment of the SIP on site, with minimum downtime of the ongoing production.

With compressed Air Breathing system, it will protect employees for more than 2 hours during an emergency situation. F&G system with SIL-2 approval MIMIC panel will make sure your warnings are informative and correct.
The shelter with positive pressure system, main room and equipment room with pressure 50~75 pa, air lock and battery room pressure is 25pa.

The 2×51 ft containers are used as Muster Area (Approx. 30 Sqm, included 2 units toilet rooms). Another 51 ft Container contains 3 rooms, one room used for the Breathing Air Bottle Bank, PRP Cabinet, AHU system, Power Distribution Panel and PLC system, batteries and UPS are located in one of separate room (A60 fire class). The third room is air lock, people entering the main room need to pass through this room first.

The main room has long stools for 40 men, at below of stools storage 40 sets of breathing masks, portable gas detector and first aid kit, used for emergency escape. The outdoor roof is equipped with a 360-degree rotating camera to monitor the outdoor conditions.


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