Protection Series – Blast Proof Modules

Protection Series – A module blast shelter

Containerized buildings and enclosures have shown time and again to be an efficient way to reduce time and costs. In particular, when adding new buildings or facilities into existing onshore plants and other offshore areas with an explosion risk. This is especially true when there is limited production downtime during yearly maintenance, etc.

The limited window of time to install a fully functional building thus makes containerized modules a very attractive option for clients worldwide.

But can a containerized building withstand blasts and fire in the same way as a site-built concrete building?

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Blast resistant module

Over the last 10 years, Uniteam has proven that both smaller enclosures and larger Temporary Refuge (TR) buildings can be made out of modular structures, which can be tested and approved ahead of delivery. Moreover,  your building is sealed within a very limited time on site, so your production can start again shortly after. The end result is a cost-effective means to protect your workers in dangerous areas by use of a blast-proof Temporary Refuge.

Considering the strength of the blast building

But how to consider and evaluate the blast risk situation?

First, you need to evaluate the risk of the potential blast which can occur where the buildings are to be placed. Secondly, you have to consider the strength of the building to withstand the potential blast. 

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Uniteam calculates the physical conditions of the modules with an FEA analysis and reinforces and produces the customized modules to be used in each situation. Further on, the blast-resistant modules are fabricated in our workshop in Oslo, Poland or China, and ready for sale and delivery to clients all over the world.

Achievable blast pressure

What blast pressure can we achieve with our modules? At this time, Uniteam has delivered solutions from 0,1 – 0,8 Bar blast pressure.

See examples of containerized blast-resistant buildings below, or contact us for more information!


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