Reflections on 2023 and Outlook for 2024: A Perspective from the International Sales Director

With the arrival of 2024, it’s a fitting moment to look back at Uniteam’s milestones in the last year, as well as reflect on what lies ahead.

First, I am delighted to share that Uniteam successfully concluded 44 projects across 13 countries – a feat made possible by the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team. I’m particularly proud of how each team member tackled challenges and turned them into opportunities.

In our project portfolio last year, we excelled across diverse domains. From crafting the NORSOK-Z-15 Module for PSV testing to bespoke jointing habitats for subsea cable maintenance, H2S Offshore TR, and numerous Blast-Proof Shelters for the Oil and Gas industry, each achievement underscores our commitment to excellence. Additionally, we secured contracts for upcoming projects that we’re eager to dive into!

Adding to the accomplishments, one of the highlights from the past year was our 20th-anniversary celebration in China. This event was special, particularly in the aftermath of years of separation due to the pandemic. Not only was it a milestone in our company’s history, but it also strengthened our sense of unity and enhanced our teamwork.

Moreover, I hold our voluntary work in high regard. Nature and the environment are integral to us, making our day spent with DNT veterans building “Kloppers” in the woodlands around Oslo particularly special. The entire team and I were indeed honored to collaborate with this enthusiastic group, which diligently keeps the trails marked and in good shape for all of us who appreciate and use nature!

The Journey Ahead

Looking ahead, Uniteam aims to build upon the solid foundation and remains committed to crafting customized onshore and offshore containers and modules for customers with unique needs. Furthermore, I’m excited about expanding our approach in the energy solutions arena, particularly in fostering Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Projects.

Our team is eager to expand our knowledge and actively contribute to the development of BESS, which presents a low carbon energy solution when compared to traditional energy sources.

A Shared Vision

Aligned with this, I want to underscore that Uniteam takes immense pride in being part of Algeco and Modulaire Group, which continues to make progress on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Together we strive to grow and develop in a responsible and sustainable way, with the ambitious goal to reach Net Zero by 2050.

For further insights, explore the latest Global ESG & Sustainability Report.

Thank You

Lastly, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your support and collaboration – and look forward to the opportunities ahead!

With sincere regards,

Knut Erik Lindseth,
International Sales Director
Uniteam Project AS


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