Spooling Unit


Uniteam’s Offshore Spooling unit is built in an offshore frame according to DNV 2.7-1, which ensures safety and reliability to withstand the harsh offshore environment. Moreover, the reel is driven by an air motor, which provides the advantages of less maintenance, no oil leakage, and safe for operation. Features 10m Pneumatic Tube Remote Control and the ability to install various sizes of cable reels.

General specification:

  • Structure code: DNV 2.7-1/EN12079
  • Mounted with drum
  • Air starter motor (ex-proof equipment in Category 2 intended for use in places classified as zone 1 and 21) 1 set pneumatic directional control panel with SUS316 material
  • Remote control system
  • Positive and negative direction control
  • Adjustment of air pressure and airflow rate
  • Shaft; Chain wheel; Coupling; Pillow block; etc.


  • Quick installation and removal of cable reel
  • Ability to install various sizes of cable reels
  • Air-driven motor to provide back tension on cable
  • 10m Pneumatic Tube Remote Control

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