Cylinder Rack


Uniteam provides a variety of Offshore Cylinder Racks that are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with DNV 2.7-1/EN12079, EN 13769 and IMDG. The displayed racks are built according to the following Nitrogen Cylinders with a volume of 50L, filling pressure of 300 bar, and test pressure of 450 bar. Moreover, they are built with an outside diameter of 229 mm and a length of approximately 1500 mm. They also feature a tare weight of around 64 kg, making them easy to move and install on offshore platforms.

Nitrogen Cylinders:

  • Volume: 50L
  • Filling pressure: 300 bar
  • Test pressure: 450 bar
  • Specification: TPED, EN1964-2
  • Outside diameter: 229 mm
  • Length (approx. ): 1500 mm
  • Tare weight (approx.): 64 kg

Coating system:

  • Container frame: Maersk TS 34 system 6
  • Hot dip galvanized (75µm)
  • Cylinder: Maersk TS 34 system 6 or Offshore Painting (200µm)
  • Sealer


  • Pipe material: 90%Cu+10%Ni
  • Rated pressure: 300 bar
  • Test pressure: 450 bar
  • Screw thread of outlet: 25E


  • Muller 518


  • SS316; 0-600bar

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