Lab Container


Uniteam’s Offshore Mud Lab Container is a high-quality offshore module that has been designed, manufactured, and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 standard. This guarantees that the container meets the necessary requirements for offshore use and provides reliable protection for your equipment and staff. The offshore module consists of a container body, fume hood cabinet, workbench, storage cabinet, air conditioner, transformer, water heater, refrigerator, and more to meet the unique needs of each customer. It is designed for mud lab drilling, providing a safe and comfortable work environment for the oil & gas industry.

General specification:

  • Structural code: DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079
  • Design temperature: -20°C or -40°C
  • Insulation on request
  • Customized furniture

El. HVAC & Other:

  • Fume hood cabinet
  • Transformer, Power DB, Light
  • Air condition, Louver
  • Water inlet and drain
  • Eye wash station


  • DNV 2.7-1/EN12079
  • Classification society by DNV GL

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