Fireman training container

Completion of Fireman Training Container

Uniteam has developed a specialized product for the fire service which allows realistic training simulation for firefighters.

The containers are equipped with heat-resistant materials, smoke machines, sensors and detectors for smoke, gas, and fire propane gas bottles, power, ventilation, and controls necessary to create the simulated environments required for firefighters. This also includes fireplace “stoves” and other typical domestic facilities that are typically involved with fire fighting. Altogether, this allows trainees at different skill levels to train for an emergency as realistically as possible.

Safe training environment

The training facility is made up of a 40ft and 10ft ISO container which can easily be installed and moved from site to site depending on the operator’s requirements. All in all, it is a cost-effective training environment – but above all – it is a training facility with the highest level of safety.

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