How do I know I’m using the right specification for NORSOK containers?

How do I know I’m using the right specification for NORSOK containers?

Uniteam focus on producing cost-effective NORSOK Z-015 Containers.

These types of containers are mandatory in the oil and gas industry if used on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

It’s important to find out what the container is used for and where it will be located on the offshore platform when you choose a type of container. For example; is it a workshop for hot or cold work, being placed in a hazardous area? In this case, is the area categorised as Zone 0,1 or 2? This will impact the type of instrumentation (EX vs non-EX) that is required in the container.

What is the “Z-015” in NORSOK Z-015?

Z-015 relates to temporary equipment, or in Norwegian: “midlertidig utstyr”. These types of containers can be used on fixed or mobile installations on the NCS.

Table 2 of the NORSOK Z-015:2020 specifies the different configurations of containers than can be used offshore. Type A-Z.

The most frequently used container types from this standard are:

  • Type A accommodation container
  • Type B office, laboratories, ROV control rooms, etc.
  • Type C Workshop for hot work
  • Type E Workshop for cold work
  • Type J stores for non-flammable material

You can find out more about NORSOK Z-015 here

What other standards apply?

Units should be certified to DNV2.7-1 standard or DNV2.7-3 for oversized units, which means they can be lifted on and off vessels offshore.

All offshore containers should be delivered with lifting equipment (slings) according to R002:2017 (lifting equipment).

NORSOK E-001 should be used for all electrical systems.

The outside of the container should be painted according to the painting spec NORSOK M-501 system 1.

When I’m working in a hazardous or explosive environment?

Designs should include EX-approved HVAC systems, as well as a positive pressure environment of approximately 100Pa. Electrical systems including lamps and sockets are all approved for an EX rating and are supplied by one of our top-class electrical suppliers.

Uniteam containers are marked with identification numbers and gross weight as well as other information such as supplier, equipment type, and the year it was built.

Uniteam Projects

At Uniteam we strive to deliver our projects on time, on budget, and to the highest possible quality to meet our client’s requirements.

We look forward to working with you on your next Z-015 container. Uniteam can support you from initial design to turnkey product.

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