3D VR TOUR of Offshore Mud Logging

Protection offshore

Uniteam Offshore Mud Logging in China is built according to DNV 2.7-1/DNV 2.7-2, as well as to the design code IEC60079-13.  Moreover, the cabin has A60 fire-rated decoration and is EX-approved for use in hazardous areas: Zone 1 / Zone 2. Furthermore, it has a fire and gas control panel and HVAC system.

Additionally, the operation temperature range from -20℃~ +55℃ as well as the operation pressure is between  50~75Pa. Not to mention the supply voltage: 380~600Vac 3ph and the Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Overall, the cabin includes an airlock, a main room, and an equipment room.


There are several applications, including H2S Shelter, Workshop, Operating/Control Room, Laboratory Cabin, and Office.

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