20 Men Blast Proof SIP / H2S Protection Shelter


Uniteam’s 20-Men Blast Proof H2S Shelter is a customized solution, built for easy transport and relocation. It is made by a 1×50’ container with an A-60 fire rating and blast-proof protection with 690mbar for 20msec.

The shelter includes a compressed fresh air breathing system that can protect employees for over 2 hours during an emergency. Its F&G system and MIMIC panel ensure informative and correct warnings with a SIL-2 control system. Moreover, the shelter consists of Airlock Area and Battery Room with 25~50Pa overpressure. Also, there’s a Muster Room and an Equipment Room with  50~75Pa overpressure. The Muster Room is approx.16.5 Sqm and equipped with 2 toilets and long stools. These stores SCBA, portable gas detectors, and first aid kits for 20 men to use in an emergency evacuation.

The Equipment Room is used for installing Breathing Air Bottle Bank, PRP Cabinet, Power Distribution Panel, and PLC system.

For safety, people are requested to enter the Airlock area first before going to the Muster room in case of bringing in toxic gas.

Additionally, a 360-degree rotating camera on the roof monitors the external environment timely.

In summary, Uniteam’s 20-Men Blast Proof H2S Shelter provides a customizable, portable solution, ensuring the safety and protection of employees during hazardous events.

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