Mobile Operating Theater – ICU

Price: 90.000,- EUR sales price / Location: Oslo (Norway)

3 in 1 Foldable Mobile Operating Theater  20’ 8’6’’ ISO 1CC:

If you are in need of a Mobile Operating Theater, this might be something of interest. Right now we offer 2 OT/ICU units for the price of  EUR 90.000,- each.

  • External color: Olive green
  • Internal color: White finish
  • Reinforcements in walls and ceiling for fixation of equipment
  • Technical Compartment
  • Light grey floor mat
  • Inlets for EL, Water, Medical gas, and communication
  • Manual level jacks 250mm (4 pcs)
  • Winch for folding walls

Water installation:

The Mobile Operating Theater contains 1 pcs Workbench 120x70x90 (LxWxH) in Stainless Steel, in which there’s a sink on the left side, doors in front, and closed sides with an open back. In detail, the water installation consists of:

  • 1 pcs Boiler 30 liter
  • 1 pcs Pressure pump, Grundfos MQ-.3
  • 1 pcs Grey water pump, Sololift+ C3
  • 1 pcs UV filter + 1 pcs particle filter
  • External water and grey water pipe connections

EL installation:

  • 1 pcs Power Inlet (400V/32A, 50Hz)
  • Phase-sequence relay
  • 6 pcs light armatures LED type + switch by the door
  • Separation transformer (inverter), 5kVA
  • UPS 3 KW, supporting critical medical equipment
  • Separate duct in ceiling with 8xdouble outlet 230VAC/16A, with earth failure switch
  • 2 pcs double outlet 230VAC/16A above sink for alternative use
  • 4 pcs 4x double outlet 230VAC/16A, (one on each swing wall).

HVAC installation:

  • 1 pcs External AC; AC-M7 with connecting hoses and air distribution hose
  • 1 pcs Munters MG-50 Dehumidifier
  • 1 pcs Clean Air Unit TA450 6kW with Pre and HEPA filtration.

Medical Gas Installation:

  • Separate distributions panel in the ceiling opposite electricity.
  • 4x outlets Oxygen (O2)
  • 2x outlets Nitrous (N2O)
  • 4x outlets Breathing (Medical Air)
  • 2x outlets Return Air (Exit)
  • Medical Air Compressor
  • Gas Alarm Panel
  • Pressure Guard (0-10 bar) O2 + N2O + Medical Air

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