Expandable container with 28m2 flat floor

Price: 100.000,- NOK sales price / Location: Oslo (Norway)

3 in 1 Expandable Hook Lift Container with 28m2 flat floor

Are you in need of a 20′ hook lift container? Then take a look at this 3 in 1 expandable container, which we offer for the price of  NOK 100.000,-

The all-purpose 1CC container, according to ISO-668 standard, is designed for the transport of unit loads using water, railway, and road transportation means. It is excluded to transport the loads which may destroy containers painting and floor.

Regulations and requirements:

The container follows these standards:

  • ISO 668, ISO1496-1 Standards
  • STANAG 2413 Standard
  • DIN 30722 Standard


Tests conforming to ISO-1496/1 standard with R=7000 kg:.

  • Lifting test at the top corner fittings with 2R,
  • Lifting test at the bottom corner fittings with 2R (45°),
  • Fork lift pocket test with 1,6R
  • Stacking test with /corner post
  • Tranverse racking test
  • Longitudinal racking test
  • Restraint test
  • Roof strength test
  • Weatherproofness test
  • Front wall test with 0 kg
  • End wall test with 0 kg
  • Floor test with 0 kg
  • Testing of moving box 3 with load 1500kg.

General Construction:

The container consists of 3 boxes: Main box 1, Middle box 2, and Small box 3. You can read more about each of the boxes’ designs and materials in the product brochure.

Uniteam is an ambitious company heavily focused on Customized Offshore containers and baskets. All Cargo Carrying Units (CCU), Containers, and Baskets are certified to meet DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 standards.

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