About Uniteam

Since 1993, Uniteam has supplied customers worldwide with complex mobile container systems for Military and the Oil & Gas industry. We have built up key competences within such areas as lifesaving H2S Shelters, DNV271 Offshore containers and Oversized offshore modules according DNV273, with Electro installation according NORSOK Z-015 demands, all to help protect workers onshore and offshore.

In 2017 Uniteam merged with Malthus to become Malthus Uniteam (MU), the largest modular solution provider in Norway.

In 2020 MU was acquired by our current owner Modulaire Group.

In 2021 MU merged with TSN, Wexsus and Algeco in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, to become the largest Modular Solution provider in Nordic region, known now as Algeco Nordic.

Uniteam Special Projects was de-merged to become a separate business unit with focus on Customized Onshore and Offshore Containers and Modules under our well-known brand name UNITEAM, with offices in Norway, China and Poland.

Uniteam continues to use the competences built up through 30 years to serve clients worldwide in need of customized / tailored solutions onshore or offshore delivered with high quality at the right time. We create smart rooms where people can safely work, develop, live and otherwise operate. Our team is capable of finding the right solutions to most complex problems for clients with highest expectations under strictest requirements. We deliver what you need, when you need it.


Our Owners

Uniteam today as part of Algeco Nordic is owned 100% by Modulaire Group, the world leader within module-based solutions, with HQ in London and business in 25 Countries. With more than 250.000 modules and containers globally – there is always a service organization close to you.

We are grateful for the trust and feedback from our customers. Their response gives inspiration to improve and develop new solutions for the future. Our offices around the world are ready to provide customers with ideas and designs in order to fulfil their specific needs and technical requirements.

Global Reach

Through the extensive network of offices and business partners, we are able to deliver containers and modular solutions to customers anywhere in the world.

Thanks to numerous agents and business partners, Uniteam enables fast implementation of contracts, without the risk of reducing quality of products. The company takes responsibility for all of the formalities connected with transport, thereby relieving potential customers and facilitating execution of orders.

With our present locations, we have close cooperation with a large international base of suppliers and subcontractors. Uniteam Quality Control System ensures adequate standards of our products in line with the international requirements and norms, allowing to use the units in every location around the world.

Uniteam Quality Control System ensures adequate standards of our products in line with the international requirements and norms, allowing to use the units in every location around the world.

Uniteam’s high level objectives for the project are to: achieve new standards of excellence in health, safety, security and environmental performance; design, procure, construct and commission the FTRs in accordance with project requirements to ensure the creation of a high quality, reliable and productive asset and complete the project within the specified time schedule.


High quality, respect for health of our employees and customers, and respect for the environment are important part of our corporate philosophy.

Uniteam implemented a HSSE Internal Programme and an efficient control and training system in order to follow the rules across the entire organization. Both in terms of design and daily work, we try to keep the standards that ensure safety to us and the potential users of our products and services.

Health & Safety

Our goal is clear affirmation that injuries, accidents and harm to people or the environment will be unacceptable at Uniteam within the project’s operational culture. The company makes every effort to promote site safety and achieve a world class project performance and ensure its sub/contractors compliance with their statutory responsibilities in the field of health and safety.


Norwegians, like no other nation, mastered the art of skilful living with the nature. Uniteam Team Members have firmly rooted their sense of oneness with nature and they know how to profit from the goods it offers. Both in everyday life and at the business level, we try to follow the rules of corporate and environmental responsibility. That is why Uniteam, and its subcontractors, continuously strive to reduce energy consumption.

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